Why Every Dog Deserves Some Fitness Love.
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Just as all people are made different, so are dogs. But, just like people, dogs need physical activity to be healthy and live a strong, fulfilling life. No matter what kind, breed, or shape your dog is in, every dog deserves some form of physical training and exercise.  Even if your dog seems to be a couch potato, it does not hurt to have the couch potato roll around a bit.

 In the era of advancing medicine and health, problems and complications are able to be caught much sooner on. But, even in this era of health, we still see an increase in medical expenses and insurance payments.


Thankfully, there are quite a few things that you can do to help keep your pets in shape. Along with the advancement in medicine and health of the current systems, there has been a larger investment into pet training and muscle conditioning. These training regimens can be tailored to the common dog that may just need a regular active plan, or to the dog that you may be looking to prepare for a competition.

Not only do these plans and weekly schedules help keep your dog in shape, they can be tailored to target specific problems and act as preventative measures. 

In the following week, I will put up multiple different sets of training exercises that you can do with your furry friends. They will be broken down into different muscle groups and exercises, so that you are able to mix and match the exercises with your breed. Complimenting these exercises with the proper diet will ensure a healthy dog, no matter the age or size.


Anastasia Kvyatkovskaya

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