Anastasia Kvyatkovskaya

Welcome to Dog Hauz, your furry, four-legged family member’s best friend.

At Dog Hauz, we make everything about your dog. From getting to know your pet’s eating habits, walking regime, and even their little quirks that make each of them unique, Dog Hauz has one purpose:

To help your pet grow and become the best addition to your family. We help stimulate their mind with great brain games for training. We let them run, play, and build cardio through routine exercise and workouts.

Aging pets and rehabilitating pets also need love and attention, which is why Dog Hauz provides professional dog massages for your furry companion’s aches and pains.We use a variety of massage techniques that’ll make Fido melt into pure bliss.

It’s easy to see our love for animals and our passion for the furry. Our certified personal dog trainer and life coach, Anastasia K. received her certified license for training at Anthony Jerome School of Dog Training.