NYC Pet Tech Meetup @ Galvanize on Jan 17, 2018
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Featuring Pet parents of Instagram, pet celebrities, social media and pet PR Experts discuss the promotional power of social media for pets and pet companies.
Door prizes featuring newly introduced pet products and treats
Get insight on amazing new pet companies, services, and emerging tech startups introducing innovative pet technology.

New York, NY, January 17, 2018 —  Connect with Well Informed Pet, Pawsome Partners, and Galvanize at the first NYC Pet Tech Meetup in 2018. Learn & network with new pet firms, tech companies, personalized pet services, and lots and lots of pet lovers. Grab your furry four-pawed family member and join us for the fun, mingle with experts, enjoy drinks, play games, win prizes and make friends.

Featured Pet Panelists:
Elle Drouin- Creator of wonderfelle MEDIA, as well as other startups, Elle spent several years before becoming an entrepreneur as a director of marketing & Digital Strategy for e-commerce businesses.Drouin’s company concentrates on empowering women on brands to become just as profitable as they are pretty.Elle’s furry family member, Mochi is a 3-year old Maltipoo model and social media influencer that has over 100,000 followers. See what more she holds in store.

Jared Kasner- Creator of Goldens Glee, a social media brand centered around his Golden Retriever, and mega-pet influencer, Glee, who has built a 325,000 fanbase spread over different social media platforms. His brand has been spotlighted in the NY Times, PEOPLE, Entrepreneur Magazine, and several other esteemed media outlets. Jared is also founder and operator of Kasner Media Consulting, a social media agency that helps companies create, design, and implement social media growth strategies.

Nancy Hassel- President Founder of American Pet Professionals, a renowned award-winning networking & educational organization since 2009. Nancy has lead in over 100 in-person events, fundraisers, online events, and seminars for pet industry professionals. Nancy is a Pet PR Specialist that work with pet companies, startups, and emerging pet brands to orchestrate successful and educational events that bring pet trainers, service providers, and products together.

Mark Gold- Personal Brand Manager who’s served Bravo, Shark Tank and is the Managing Director of 2020 Startups.

Additional Event Guest:
Anastasia K. (Canine Wellness Coach)
Founder of Dog Hauz, a canine wellness coaching firm that concentrates on pet health and well being, Anastasia is a certified trainer, health & nutrition specialist and overall dog lover. From proper diet and exercise to achieve optimal daily mental stimulation, the quality of life owners gives their pets come at a cost: TIME. As a canine wellness coach, Anastasia goes beyond teaching basic commands, extends further than planning the perfect holistic dog food diet plan, and certainly doesn’t stop the fun at a simple walk either. She becomes your four-legged kid’s best friend. A motivational instructor that brings great outdoor activities to the busy inner city, Anastasia with Dog Hauz: Canine Wellness Coach.

If you haven’t R.V.S.P. by now then get to it. It’s right around the corner. Reserve your spot and get the chance and exclusive opportunities of networking with marketing gurus, pet influencer celebrities, and growing pet tech companies that are here to show off their goods. Drink, eat, network, and go canine crazy as you’ve never gone before. Entry is only $5 to cover the cost of food and drinks. If there are any proceeds left covering that, it will be donated to a rescue organization. What are you waiting for? Save your seat now! RSVP @



Anastasia Kvyatkovskaya

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