Showing your Love!

with a Personal Pet Massage

Anyone who has ever experienced a massage knows the magical healing effects it can have on the body, its aches, and its pains. Massages increase blood circulation, promotes flexibility, and acts to quickly decrease soreness in muscles. And just like you, your four-legged family member can also enjoy benefits of a massage.

Pet Soreness is Real:

Helping Your Dog Relieve Pain and Aches

With age, dog’s joints lose their smoothness and become rigid. This kills the enjoyment and fun of exercise and many other everyday activities, turning most activities into work. When looking to ensure full mobility of your canine companion and to keep them happy and healthy, a massage is proven to make your pet feel younger.

Total Dog Hauz Relaxation:

Danger! Fast Tail Wagging Zone

We use a multitude of training techniques, including effleurage, petrissage, and palpation — all designed to work the major muscle groups, such as the hip and shoulder flexors, and the chest and back, and give your pet the vitality they so very much deserve. How important are your dog’s aches and pains to you?