New York City’s First Canine Gym

Give your dog more than just a walk. They deserve to live the healthiest life possible.

Strength Training:

Not just about the muscle. Avoid common pet injuries.

Life is not a weightlifting competition; it’s a lesson in building better health and longevity.

Dogs don’t need big bulky muscles, but they do need to stay fit just like you and I do in order to stay healthy reduce the chances of falling victim to common muscle tears, rips, and other injuries including joint pains in aging canine. Building a strong core is the basic building block of a healthy pet.

Canine Wellness Coach can improve your pet with dog brain games

Endurance Activities:

Life is a marathon, not a race. Properly prepare.

 Are the daily walks you give your dog stimulating their cardio systems enough?

The truth is your canine benefits from cardio workouts similar to the way we do. Not only can it help them shed unwanted pounds, but it also builds endurance in their hearts and lungs, improving their circulatory and respiratory systems. Stronger hearts have been known to lead to stronger smiles.

Healthy Diet Plans:

What you put in is important. Feed responsibly.

Are you furry friends getting all the nutrients they need from their current diets?

Did you think balanced nutrition was just for us? Nope, out pet’s health relies heavily on what we feed them. Does their current diet provide the 4 essential nutrient categories?

  • Energy
  • Protein
  • Essential Fats
  • Vitamins, Minerals, and vital Micro-nutrients

Your pet’s health is important to not only us, but it’s also important to them as well. Do your pet a solid and contact us to learn more about how enrolling your canine companion in our dog wellness gym can bring back the youth, obedience, and fun to your four-legged friend.