Why Fido Needs Dog Exercise?

Why Fido Needs Dog Exercise?

The one thing we know all dogs need, but it’s simply not part of every lifestyle, especially when it comes to the type of dog exercise a pet needs. At Dog Hauz, we make it our business to not only know you the owner, but to know your furry, four-legged family member even better. It’s the only way to ensure a working dog exercise regimen for your dog.

Benefits of Running as Dog Exercise

Running will help your dog stay healthy, in shape, build muscle tone, maintain a strong cardiovascular system, as well as build endurance. It’ not anything new. Dog’s love to run. It’s not just healthy for them, but it actually works to improve your dog’s overall mood and emotional level.It is, without question, the most important form of exercise needed to maintain your dog at their optimal health, keeping them calm when you aren’t home to play.

Based on your dog’s breed, age, and yes, even personality — we’ll create a dog exercise plan that will release their pent-up energy, channel it into more fun activities, and promotes less destructive behavior

The Dog Hauz Full Cardio Workout

Giving your dog the proper exercise is important. Dog Hauz understands this importances and offers a wide range of cardio workouts for your four-legged family member. Either by running outside or on a state-of-the-art DogPacer, to ensure they are getting that extra energy out and staying fit.


Conditioning Your Furry Friend: Dog Hauz Style!

Conditioning and strength training are not the same, but can be used in similar ways. After evaluating what your pet’s needs are, we will develop a conditioning program that features top conditioning products like obstacles and paw pad training, using FitPaws and TotoFit conditioning gear, to make sure your dog is agile, well behaved, and ready to conquer life’s challenges with you by their side.