Informed Pet Parents are Educated Consumers
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As a pet parent, you see your four-legged family member every day, and it’s you that is best equipped to detect any slight changes in their health and or behavior. No matter how good your vet is they still rely on your knowledge and observation. That’s why it important to be in tune with your pet. It’s the knowledge of knowing which food is better for your pup, what exercises best suits them, or even which dog sitter or walker they prefer.

Some of these are things our busy lives do not allow us to observe properly. So, with everything that’s out on the market, the numerous tips available, and unique services on hand that aim to provide a better life for your pet, what does it take to really know your pet as a pet parent. For some it will be clear, for others it may be time to call in a canine wellness coach to breathe new life into your dog.

A canine wellness coach also found labeled as K9 wellness coach or in some cases dog wellness coach, but enough with the labels. A personal canine wellness coach is more than a dog trainer. They are not just dog walkers either. Nor are they simply dog diet planners. A wellness coach for dogs is similar to a life coach for us. They provide motivation, inspiration, and drive to be better and live healthier. So let’s find out what we need to know about our dog with this introduction to achieving total pet wellness by providing the perfect blend of the right food with the right exercise, topped with the right love.

Dog Breeds: Knowing the Difference and the Needs

It is important to know your dog’s breed because you need to make sure you can meet their physical, emotional, and mental requirements. Dog breeds are not the same, and each requires a different level of care and nurturing in order to provide an optimal for your furry family member. Each breed has been bred to serve a certain purpose, whether it be for hunting, guarding, herding, etc. If you have a dog that is bred for herding, stuck inside of an inner inner-city apartment and do not provide them with sufficient exercise or stimulation, they can quickly become a handful. Similar to meeting certain levels of exercise and stimulation, certain dog breeds also have certain medical conditions that are common in those particular breeds.

Aside from medical or physical and emotional needs, your dog breed also has other needs that need to be met. For instance, some dogs are intolerable of other dog breeds and can show acts of aggression. This level of interaction is not healthy and makes it hard to control if not properly trained. With their interactions with other dogs, dog behaviors also play a factor, and certain dog breeds are expected and have been bred to behave a certain way.

Knowing your dog’s breed and knowing what needs of theirs must be met, makes understanding them a little easier. It prepares you and allows for you and your canine companion to have a healthy growing relationship.

Meeting Your Dog’s Nutritional Needs: Holistic Dog Food Diet Plan

Often it is misunderstood the differences between dog food. The package says organic, but does that mean your dog should still eat it? What about the brands that use no fillers or all natural products? Yes, these are all things to consider when looking to develop a holistic dog food diet plan for your dog that works. It is not something that you can go to the store and pick up in a bag. It isn’t something that you can find over the internet. Why not though, right? A dog food diet plan is just like a diet plan for us. We do not all respond the same when trying the same diet as someone else. One person could lose 4 pounds, while another gains 2. Diets are specific to the nutritional requirements needed to maximize the body’s potential. There are different types of holistic dog food diet plans, and most are scalable to breeds, and many are even breed specific. Have you had someone take a look at your pup’s diet?

Healthy Dog Exercise: Building Strong Wagging Tails

Dogs need a certain level of exercise in order to stay fit, mentally sharp, and well behaved. Dogs were bred to serve some purpose, but as time has moved forward, our lovely fluffy companions no longer have to herd livestock to earn their spot at the foot of our beds. This, however, doesn’t mean they do not need to exercise daily and stay active. If you turn a blind eye to the amount of activity your dog breed needs, repercussions can be dire. Ever hear stories about pet parents who come home to a destroyed couch, tipped over trash, or half-eaten carpet? Pets are like kids. If we do not provide them with proper outlets for their energy, they will figure out some way of coping. Typically, their outlets of expression are not desirable and in many ways can be quite destructive. Keeping your pet properly exercised, not only keeps them in shape, but it also provides a way for them to expel that extra energy. You know the same energy that goes into destructive and unruly behaviors. Are you giving your pet the proper amount of exercise?

Dog Brain Games: Mental Activities Build Smart & Happy Dogs

As a canine wellness coach, it is heartbreaking to see something so precious and full of life, not get what they need in order to thrive. Dogs need to be challenged. Just as with physical exercise, our canine companions also need a level of mental stimulation, in order to achieve satisfied feelings of happiness and increase your pet’s overall well-being and health. It is not always clear, or evident that a dog lacks mental stimulations, but some K9 are prone to outbursts and displays of bad behaviors when they are not being properly stimulated. Certain activities and dog brain games can be implemented into your dog’s daily lives to help them hone their mental behaviors and keep their minds sharp and clear. Is your dog learning the basics like they should?

Stay Totally In Tuned: Why a Canine Wellness Coach Works?

As our lives become filled with extra activities, obligations, and other engagements, we leave little time to let our pets be the best they can be. Oftentimes, they are left in flats, condos, and homes, waiting for us to get home from a long day of work, so that they can enjoy what few minutes you may have to spare to give them. Their level of mental and physical activity typically consists of jumping up and down from the couch and walking over to the water or food bowl. Maybe they’ll squeak a toy a few times and then once we are home, a few short walks to stretch their legs and relieve hours of built up sleep energy. From the food we feed our four-legged family members, to the level of stimulation we provide, our furbabies really depend on us. Depend on us for what? EVERYTHING! Your pet deserves a rich, meaningful life. Are willing to bet you’re giving it to them? Reach out and find out how a canine wellness coach can keep your dog happy, healthy, and well mannered.

Pet Industry: Advancements Working to Improve Your Pet’s Life

The Pet Industry is booming, and companies are becoming more aware of our wants, demands, and expectations when it comes to what we buy for our pets. Tech companies are developing cool interactive toys, and gadgets to help offer a better life. Other movements strive to keep pet parents informed and organized, like Well Informed Pets for instance. Their unique mobile platform, allows pet parents to always have access and the ability to share their pet’s records. No more remembering documents, papers, and files when traveling. Tech isn’t the only improvements going on in the pet industry. Toys are becoming safer, and food companies are being held under more scrutiny. Pets are more than something to take care of. They are a part of our family and deserve the same luxury of life we have. Are you doing right by your pet?

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