City Dog-Why You Should Go On a Hike With Your Pup This Summer.
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Living in the city has its long list of benefits from the quick delivery of your favorite foods to conveniently being able to walk a few blocks to enjoy nearby shopping amenities. But what happens, when we welcome our pup into our busy lives and not so spacious yards, if any.

Life can be busy and a recent study says that more than half of dog owners admit to not giving their dogs daily walks, some even admitted to barely walking them at all. This can take its toll on your pet in several ways if they are not properly exercise.

So what’s enough exercise?

For people and dogs, studies say that a half-hour walk three time a week can reduce stress, improve energy, benefit from nearly a 5% weight loss, not to mention our canine companion gets to enjoy almost 15% loss!

Living in the city makes these numbers drop even more.  Seeking the peaceful refuge of a nice trail or hiking spot is a great way to not only get in your exercise, but it can also provide several other benefits, both mentally and physically. Let’s take a brief look at 3 amazing benefits:

Creates a Stronger Bond

While regular walks can provide a similar benefit, going on a hike with your furry friend will actually help to provide not only much needed quality pup time, but also acts as an essential building block for a trusting relationship. The time they spend with you is cherished and challenges that actually force your dog to exert more than average efforts is not only rewarding in terms of accomplishment and building drive, but also in terms of cardio, muscle strengthening, and other health benefits.

Improves Weight Control

If the opening line wasn’t enough to reinforce this, then let’s give it another crack, shall we? In the city, you get standard walks, whenever you can squeeze them in and that may not even be that often. Dogs enjoy a hard days work, long play times, and other physically exhausting activities. Do you know what it looks like, when your dog is under exercised and stimulated? How about coming home to a half-eaten couch, trash can tipped over, and your downing destroyed! That poor bored pup, just had too much energy and not enough time to exert it. On the other and of the spectrum, you can also end up with an overly rotund pork-chop buddy. Can you look at your pet and honestly say you’re giving them enough exercise and stimulation.

Improves Energy

I know you’re probably thinking, “How can hiking  improve canine energy?” But proper exercise is one of the core components to achieving healthy circulation, controlled blood-pressure, reduced chances of arthritis, heart attacks and even diabetes for both you and your furry friend.

What else could be more rewarding than a healthy life with a trusted companion.


Anastasia Kvyatkovskaya

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