How Dog Brain Games Work @ Dog Hauz?

How Dog Brain Games Work @ Dog Hauz?

First, we will start by creating a custom activity plan for your dog based on their needs. Personal dog training uses stimulating methods to develop strong growth skills. Dog Hauz will work on the general skills your dog needs to learn, but  we do it in the guise of games, such as structured Tug of War and Hide and Seek, that are fun and engaging for both human and animal. Learning and growing your dog’s intelligence is more fun when it’s done the Dog Hauz way.

Did you know that your dog’s mental health is as important as their physical health? Is your dog as sharp, clear-headed, and mentally stimulated as they should be?

The Sad Truth

of Your Dog’s Daily Life

Picture a world in which your only daily activities are a short walk to potty, some games at home, and maybe a trip to the park, if you’re REALLY lucky. For most dogs, this is their reality.

Stimulating a Smarter Companion

Through Mental Stimulation

Many owners think that semi-regular dog park visits are enough, but unfortunately, this isn’t close to the amount of mental stimulation necessary to live a healthy, happy life. By accessing structural brain games that grow tracking, puzzle-solving, and agility skills, you can provide the enriching experience your dog needs to get the most out of life.

Improve Your Dog’s Mental Health

with Brain Games for Dogs

Do not sacrifice your pet’s mental state. Let’s talk about what stimulation your pet needs and how brain games can provide it for them. Our extensive dog training program and brain stimulation activities are tailored to each wagging tail. We work out the kinks and design a set of great dog training games that will promote healthy pet behavior during the times when you cannot monitor it.