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What does your pet’s behavior say about their happiness, vitality, and overall wellness? Is a simple dog walk enough for your beloved four-legged family member? Does your dog’s diet, level of activity, and mental stimulation, seem enough when you put yourself in their shoes? At Dog Hauz, we look at your furry companion as a member of your family and nothing less. We go beyond personal pet training, push past dog skill-building activities, and develop a custom holistic dog food diet plan to deliver the most nutrients and provide your four-legged family member with proper attention building exercises, obedience dog training, and pet dieting solutions to improve the wellness, aging, and mental stimulation for your pet.

Brain Games

Keep your dog engaged and active,
with brain games designed to encourage mental development
and make the most of their natural potential.


Designed to promote a balanced diet,
I develop home-cooked and raw food nutritional plans
to give your favorite furry friend both a healthy body and spirit.


Dogs have aches and pains, too.
A canine massage will loosen stiff muscles,
relieve stress and anxiety, and promote a full range of motion.

Socialization Training

On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation
and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized
by the charms of pleasure

How Does Canine Wellness Coaching Provide Benefits?

Every dog is different. Each has their own personalities, habits, and attitudes, just like us. We enjoy the company of others, the stimulation of a challenge, and the feeling of being healthy, and so do our furry four-legged family members. Don’t you think it’s time to give your pet the life it deserves and pampering that will leave your dog loose, relaxed, and ready to thrive?

Responsive Personal Dog Training

Instills core behavioral values that keep your canine happy & smiling. Your dog does not need to be trained. They need lessons and lots of love. Our canine wellness coach designs lessons to teach your pet, not train them.

Fit & Ready for Fun

Properly exercise and keep your dog active and healthy through specialized connection packages.

More than Friends

Gives your pet a real live human friend hang out and grow with, while you’re away, busy with meetings, etc.

Healthy Eating Made at Home

Create healthy eating habits by formulating a by-pet holistic dog food diet plan of all natural and real foods, the same kind we eat.

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Summer Streets 2018

August 4th, 11th, 18th

Join Dog Hauz along  with many others at 11th Annual Celebration of New York’s City Streets! Hosted by New York City DOT.

Seven miles of car-free streets along Park Avenue, connecting streets from Central Park to Brooklyn Bridge. 

Roster of activities for entire family whether for two-legged or four -legged &  for any array of interests could be found on Summer Streets. 

For my four legged friends find us at Soho Location we will feature Canine Conditioning Equipment meant to help strengthen your pet’s core body to prevent hereditary, accidental and common age related injuries.